Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Post 17

Throughout my project I've gotten asked "what are you going to talk about?" And I reply with a simple "I dunno how movies connect to life?" This has been rattling my brain and I've been thinking about it I want to aim my speech around how finding something that you love and doing it. Yes, sitting around d watching movies some people might say "lazy" or "unproductive" but I'm looking at these films and more in depth. How does this relate to my situation? How would I act in that situation? I still have time to really think more about this project.   

I have a checklist of what I need to finish. 

-more reviews
-website clean up
-think on speech
-watch more movies 

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  1. Why do you choose to watch the movies you watch? What draws you into the movies you love? What makes you want to turn a movie off? Maybe some of these questions will help you understand how it connects to your life. Think about what drives you, what makes you want to learn more about this and spend all this time researching and learning about movies and reviews?