Monday, January 27, 2014

Post 13

Hello! So good news I worked with my friend over the weekend and she helped me go over my tumblr page for the site. So I have a URL,theme,a few photos. It's in the works. Until I go over my reviews and study them a bit and clean them up I would rather not share the URL because as of right now it looks a bit messy. But atleast I'm taking a good step in the right direction. 

I've been watching tons of movies and recently saw paranormal activity 5 in theaters so that's a +. I liked the film although it ended rather strange. I can't wait to review this movie! Good addition to the low horror category I have going.

Until next time xx. 


  1. Hi Gianna,

    That's great that you are working with a friend to help you learn more about Tumblr and to get it started. I know sometimes I can learn more from a friend helping me than just reading about it. Sometimes that collaboration and talking it out is what I really need because I need to hear it and see it from someone with a similar perspective. I think this project is a really creative idea - not only are you learning to write and review movies, but you get to watch them all the time!

    What's your favorite recent movie so far? Any movies you would totally not recommend?


  2. Hi, Hayley I'm sorry I'm just getting back to you before I didn't see your comments. But I'm glad you posted it's nice to see someone actually reads my blog. And some movies that I've recently seen that I fell in love with are Savages starring Blake Lively and although this isn't a movie but the series True Blood A+ in my book. And some not so great movies I'd have to go with The Lovely Bones and American Hustle total flops in my eyes.