Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Post 20

During my project I'm enjoying with the direction it's going in. I'm adding to my blog and writing reviews still. There really isn't much to update this week because last blog post I covered most aspects in my post. But I plan on renting some more movies for my project. I would like to rent frozen,django unchained, and the hobbit (2). All movies I've never seen and are excited to see! Hopefully I'll have a better update next post.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Post 19

Recently I've rented The Lovely Bones, The Doors, Savages, 12 Years a Slave, and True Blood season 1. I've completed all of these items in a week times and came to love some and not care for some. 

Starting with The Lovely Bones seemed like a total flop in my eyes I thought it was going to be a murder mystery crime genre but completely did a 180 with a fantasy aspect, which I did not care for whatsoever. The movie revovles around the narration of a dead girl named Susie and how she died and how her family coped and how her killer did it. But Susie wasn't quite dead she was stuck in something they called "the in-between" between earth and heaven and Susie couldn't travel to heaven until she felt content leaving behind her family. 

Next we have The Doors a movie about Jim Morrison and the band which I did indeed like at first I thought it was a bit odd and weird for my taste but I was captivated with the story it told about Morrison. I would recommend this movie to any old soul music lovers.

Savages, starring Blake Lively and Penelope Cruz is about Blake Lively and her two lovers who live in a peaceful, beach life all together but the twist is the two men are huge cannabis farmers with networking and companies. And Penelope Cruz being the head of a Mexican drug cartel. The two lives cross paths and it deals with drugs, bloodshed, a sexual element..etc. I'd definitely recommend for anyone who loves an action packed thriller.  

The next movie I did not like so much. 12 years a slave, although winning best picture at the Oscars. I felt that the movie missed something, I'm aware the movie did not have a big spending amount but it really took away from the story. The story sets off about Solomn Northup a free black man living a comfortable live in Saratoga, New York but his life takes a unexpected turn when he is kidnapped into slavery. The story is accurately portrayedfrom my research. And I thought that the director really captured life in the 1840's dealing with slavery. This is definitely a hard watch due to it's strong violent scenes and it's an emotional picture. Although I wasn't super impressed I would recommend this movie because I feel other people would actually really enjoy this film. 

Lastly we have True Blood:season 1 which I have to say I loved,loved,loved. The series is based around Sookie Stackhouse and her life in a small town in the south. The series is also about how vampires have come public to the world. The series is for at least 15+ due to it's strong sexual content, drug use, and violence. I heavily enjoyed the first season and plan on renting the rest. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

post 18

I've finally gotten my site up! I've created links, and have posted a few reviews. the blog definitely is 100% ready but it's nice to be able to share something finally. The link is - internetmoviereviews.tumblr.com 

that'll eventually change when I come up with something a bit clever. And I have some reviews written in my Evernote notebook I still need to transfer them to the site and create the link for a new page to it. I'd say this is going in a much better direction. Within the time I haven't written a blogpost I had a talk with someone and it really opened up my eyes about how school is important an that I need to take this more seriously depending on my future and it really scared the hell out of me, but it was a good wake up call. So from that day forward I'd been taking this more seriously and I need to show that I am more than just say it.
Also over the weekend I watched some new movies which include

-Jane Eyre
-The Joneses
-Marie Antionette
-The Blue Lagoon 

so I'll be writing more reviews on these as we'll. Very excited. x

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Post 17

Throughout my project I've gotten asked "what are you going to talk about?" And I reply with a simple "I dunno how movies connect to life?" This has been rattling my brain and I've been thinking about it I want to aim my speech around how finding something that you love and doing it. Yes, sitting around d watching movies some people might say "lazy" or "unproductive" but I'm looking at these films and more in depth. How does this relate to my situation? How would I act in that situation? I still have time to really think more about this project.   

I have a checklist of what I need to finish. 

-more reviews
-website clean up
-think on speech
-watch more movies 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Post 16

My likes for 20time are that it is expressing my creativity. I enjoy having a free mind with this project. I enjoy my project as a whole because I'm doing something I love my project because I've finally got a chance to do something that means something to me. Movies are always changing and growing and so do people that's why I find it easy to connect to these films.

Dislikes about 20time always having to worry about my project on the weekends. Or for instance seeing a movie and saying "oh I should write a review about this." That is just a reoccurring thought in my head. Also I disliked that we watched TED talks because that's setting the bad and that adds tremendous pressure on a student not even finished with their project. Other than 20time is a great free mind thinking project that everyone should be able to experience even if they don't like in the end it's a still a baby stepping stone to real world projects for future careers.

There wasp e thing I would have liked to change differently instead of just watching a movie I would've liked to read a book then watch it's portrayal on the big screen. That would've made my project in my eyes more personal and would've given me a larger scale to work with when it comes to writing reviews for the movies. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Post 14

Not much to report still watching movies....still writing reviews....
I never have much to report on these so I feel a bit unorganized when I write these but I don't have much to write. I'm learning as I go with this project and it's teaching me to broaden my social scale more than just celebrities and gossip sites. I'm going back and learning about film directors and great actors that who have now passed ands till some alive. I like seeing the changes between movies then and now. Not much more to report here but that's all.

Post 15

I watched many movies over break and did begin to write in my Evernote notebook. I'm on the right track and feel good about my project. I'd like to do more research on films and real meanings behind them. Watching award movie shows makes me feel good because I'm learning more about them. Also I'm working on my website and getting it cleaned up. And can't wait to put the link up for people to see. I'm hoping that I could possibly post a link to a review with the movie link so people could watch the movie after they read a short summary on it. That's all for this blogpost and hopefully will have more to put on next time.